Welcome to SLO Drywall!

Welcome to SLO Drywall, the Central Coast’s trusted drywall experts for over 35 years.

Whether a customer or part of our well trained team, our approach is the same; respect each person like a member of our family. Our drywall and paint teams work exclusively with our company and are compensated competitively by the hour to ensure they are not rushed; each of our team members is happy to provide each and every customer with a quality project. Here at SLO Drywall, Inc we provide a long list of services for a variety of job types. For residential customers, our team prides itself in meticulous masking to ensure a clean project whether we are doing drywall repair, acoustic ceiling retexture, kitchen/bath remodels, ceiling and wall retextures, paint or stain; any size project, any texture/paint match or any amount of furnishing, our professionals will provide a guaranteed quality product while minimizing the mess or stress associated with our type of work. Commercial or New Build Customers can expect guaranteed quality of finish as well as the kind of communication and attentiveness required from residential projects; we are staffed, trained and equipped for all of your commercial and new build projects.

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