SLO Drywall


Rory George

After graduating with a degree in Business Accounting from Chico State University, Rory began his professional career as a Public Accountant, specializing in construction accounting. Since transitioning to “The Other Side of the Desk”, the focus has switched from testing the efficiency and quality of successful construction companies to maximizing both the quality and efficiency of this company, while maintaining the high level of customer service set forth by his predecessor.


Kevin George

Kevin began this company in 1981 and worked alone putting up acoustic “popcorn” ceilings, as well as repairing drywall and matching textures for all of San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties. Over the years, he passed on what he learned to what is generations of employees and together they grew this business to a successful drywall company that focused on residential drywall work and customer service. With over 35 years of experience and knowledge of both drywall and customer needs, he is an invaluable member of our team.

Our Story

SLO Drywall — a family owned & operated business servicing San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties — is a full service drywall contractor that takes pride in serving local residences and commercial properties for all their drywall needs. When it comes to working with SLO Drywall, family-oriented values come first. Since the 1980s, these values have been upheld in the way employees and customers are treated. Whether it be a new build, remodel, or repair, the team at SLO Drywall commits to excellence by ensuring high quality service and customer satisfaction for every project they work on.

Since 1981, SLO Drywall’s craftsmanship and customer service has illustrated professionalism at its finest. Each accepted job is fulfilled and worked on by tried and true professionals, and completed with a high standard of cleanliness, organization, and resourcefulness.

Why SLO Drywall

Our family and team at SLO Drywall, Inc provides full-service drywall and paint products. From the moment we arrive until the moment we finish, the owners and our team services your project with prompt, respectful, professional and reliable attention. No matter the size of your project — from small repairs to industrial build outs — your project will have our full attention from beginning to end.

  • We pride ourselves in meticulous masking to ensure a clean project
  • We guarantee a quality product while minimizing the mess & stress associated with our type of work
  • We hold a high standard of communication and attentiveness for all projects
  • Our customers can expect guaranteed quality of finish for all residential, commercial, or a new build jobs

The Team

We have been lucky to maintain a steady crew for years with little to no turnover. This low turnover rate has allowed us to not only teach but learn from the experiences and personalities of our crew. With a combined 40+ years of experience, every job will be addressed by tried and true professionals. Whether residential remodel or new construction, our crew is prepared to complete your project.


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