Residential Drywall

SLO Drywall strives to provide a clean, efficient and professionally finished residential construction experience. Our residential team is specifically trained to accommodate furnished homes and customers with busy schedules, all while providing a perfect matching or new finishing of textures. If you have a hole in your drywall, acoustic “popcorn” ceilings that you can’t stand or plans for a major remodel, our team is prepared and willing to service your job.

Residential Services


Remodel Drywall & Texture

When it comes to working with customers, we can set a schedule that compliments the customer’s and/or tenant’s busy schedules. In the initial meetings, we will discuss schedules as well as our masking process, which has been designed to reduce the mess or stress of major construction within a lived-in home. Lots of plastic, paper, tape and zipper doors are utilized for containment of the potential mess that lurks within the masking. From start to finish, we will be in communication to ensure the project is completed properly and in an efficient manner.


Drywall Finishing

We offer a full range of textures: Orange Peel, Knockdown, Hand Texture and even Popcorn Ceilings if you so choose. Matching different textures is a task that separates quality work from well, not quality work. We have become experts in matching existing textures in remodel/repair work. Particularly difficult is spray texture but we have honed our process to ensure a quality match. It may take a few trips depending on the finish but in the end, it’s like there was never a repair.


Tenant Improvements

Like remodel construction, tenant improvement work is time sensitive yet requires flexibility according to the existing circumstances. We bring the open minded and patient mind set that we have for remodel construction to commercial work to accommodate our customer’s needs.


Drywall Installation

Our techniques for professional drywall installation are tried and true. Whether it is new construction or remodeling, our team of experts provides clients with seamless installation that meets their budget and requests. When it comes to a mess-free and high-quality installation, we can handle it all.

Our Process



High-quality drywall projects involve careful preparation, measurement, and professional-grade equipment. Our team is all about the details.



Our professional installation includes a team of experts with a knowledge for safety, cleanliness, and high-quality workmanship.


Final Details

Whether it be sanding, coating, texturing, or more, the final details on any SLO Drywall project guarantees a high-quality finish.



Keeping your property better than how we left it is our goal. No mess, no problem.


Ready to start your project?